Garrett Knight Associates Exposed


Dodgy Boiler Room "Garrett Knight" called today, trying to dump shares of "Skyworks"…

Just a warning out there people. A guy with a London accent called me from a "company in Tokyo" called "Garrett Knight", trying to dump shares in Skyworks (trading on the NASDAQ (SWKS)).  He claimed to have some amazing insider info that the company has just signed a massive contract with Apple and the shares are going to sky-rocket to 140 in the next few months. Sounded massively dodgy, he was very aggressive and patronizing in his tone and when I accused him of calling from a Boiler Room in Indonesia, he hung up.

Be careful out there!  - Dubai_dan

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Same bloke called me. Unfortunately I saw your post to late and my life savings is gone.. Garrett Knight Associates site been up for 10 years, yet it seems to be a scam. I can't reach them to get any money back.. OUCH - Koenna

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