Garrett Knight Associates Exposed


I was called from a company called Garrett Knight Associates. Studied their history and found their website is almost 10 years old. Found many posts on separate website on them giving financial advice. Bought some shares on their recommendation and wanted to sell them now. Company impossible to reach, and does not answer. Decent website, answered all calls last year, 2015. Anybody else with investments at this company? How do I go about getting some money back, or at least warn other people? - Koenna

RealScam logo is registered to a company based in Japan, which leaves you in the difficult position of having to deal with the Japanese authorities to obtain a refund. Posting your warning here is probably the best option for informing potential victims, but, unfortunately you're going to face extreme difficulty (and cost) trying to reclaim your money. - Littleroundman

Also, the money I lost was paid over to a bank in China, as they explained that they keep it in something like trust account. I'm not sure how they were suppose to work if everything was legit. Should I not get some type of share certificate or something? - Koenna

They are lying. If they are doing trading, they have to be registered and licensed to do it no matter where they are located. They are also lying when they say you have to buy another share before you can get back your money, or at least part of it as some of it must stay in your account. It is all BS and smoke and mirrors. Do not send them any more money or you can kiss it bye too. The are a scam. - EagleOne

Company phone me again today. Said they are always available via email or phone. I beg to differ thou. They explained why they are not registered. All making perfect sense. I can't get my initial investment back, as they are a big company and don't do single transaction trading. I have to invest more money now in another share, which, after it's done, I can then get back my invested money a bit later on, or a part of it as some need to stay in the account. They probably read these posts, that might be why I got a call today. If I'm mistaken I'll remove the post, but for now I have no reason to believe I'll ever get any money back from them. Got email from Japan FSA this morning, They claim the company appears to not exit. I'll forward this mail to anybody considering to invest into this company. - Koenna

The statement from Garrett Knight Associates I have highlighted in red above is one of the most well-worn "follow-up-scams" in the business of online fraud. I've seen the exact same verbiage (designed extract an additional sum from people who have already been ripped off) used by scammers from Russia, Eastern Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Thankfully, their website does get as much traffic as a typical "hit-and-run" HYIP SCAM; it looks like they may rely more on phones than the internet to rip people off. - shipdit